GLOBE NEWSWIRE |  Cambridge, Mass. and Augusta, Ga12 Nov 2018

Manus Bio Inc. Named “Start-Up to Watch” by Chemical & Engineering News

Manus Bio Inc. (Manus Bio) announced today that it has been named by Chemical & Engineering News (CEN) as one of its “10 Start-ups to Watch” for 2018.

The article highlights Manus Bio’s advanced fermentation technology which the company uses to replicate how plants manufacture natural chemical compounds, and make production “accessible, affordable, and immune to the vagaries of weather and plant disease.” In the article, Manus Bio’s co-founder and CEO Ajikumar Parayil, Ph.D. says “This new biotechnological process for next-generation chemical manufacturing is going to revolutionize people’s lives”.

Companies were selected “on the strength of their groundbreaking chemistry” by CEN writers and editors from a pool of nominations from readers and advisors. To read the full article, click here.

Manus Bio leverages rapid advances in Biology to produce complex natural ingredients used in our daily lives as flavors, fragrances, food ingredients, cosmetics, vitamins, pharmaceuticals and agricultural chemicals. Using its advanced fermentation technology, Manus Bio recreates natural processes for next-generation industrial biomanufacturing and provides sustainable and cost-effective sources of ingredients for health, wellness, and nutrition. To learn more, visit