GLOBE NEWSWIRE |  Cambridge, Mass.29 Sep 2016

Manus Bio develops advanced fermentation process for high purity RebM

Manus Bio has developed an advanced fermentation process for the sustainable production of the zero-calorie stevia sweetener Rebaudioside M (Reb M) at >95% purity. The steviol glycoside Reb M exhibits a far superior taste profile over current stevia sweeteners on the market today (stevioside and Reb A). However, its scarcity in the stevia plant (at less than 0.01% of leaf extracts) makes it impossible to source economically through plant extraction. Manus Bio’s fermentation process addresses this problem by granting access to this rare high-performing sweetener through a process that is efficient, low-cost, and scalable, thus making it commercially viable for the food and beverage markets. In addition, the high purity and solubility of Manus Bio’s product enables complete replacement of sugar in beverage formulations (zero-calorie) without the off-tastes typically associated with inferior steviol glycoside contaminants and other artificial sweeteners. Manus Bio’s CEO, Ajikumar Parayil, commented, “High purity Reb M has long represented the ‘Holy Grail’ of non-caloric high intensity natural sweeteners, and we are looking forward to working with food and beverage manufacturers to bring this important product to market.”

Manus Bio leverages rapid advances in Biology to produce complex natural ingredients used in our daily lives as flavors, fragrances, food ingredients, cosmetics, vitamins, pharmaceuticals and agricultural chemicals. Using its advanced fermentation technology, Manus Bio recreates natural processes for next-generation industrial biomanufacturing and provides sustainable and cost-effective sources of ingredients for health, wellness, and nutrition. To learn more, visit