GLOBE NEWSWIRE |  Cambridge, Mass.11 Nov 2013

Accomplished industrial and academic innovator in bioprocess engineering joins Manus Bio’s Scientific Advisory Board

Manus Bio, a global leader in the sustainable production of plant-based ingredients, announced today that Prof. Dr.-Ing. Ralf Takors, distinguished expert in the field of bioprocess engineering and fermentation scale-up, has joined the Manus Bio Scientific Advisory Board.

Takors is the Director of the Institute for Biochemical Engineering at the University of Stuttgart (Institut für Bioverfahrenstechnik der Universität Stuttgart). He also serves on the board of the Center for Systems Biology at the University of Stuttgart and is the Chair of the Biochemical Engineering Technology section at DECHEMA, the expert network for chemical engineering and biotechnology in Germany. His previous experience includes five years with Evonik, where he was responsible for bioprocess development, metabolic engineering, and systems biology for health and nutrition ingredients.

Takors’ group at the University of Stuttgart employs cutting-edge systems biology approaches to characterize, develop, and optimize high-production bioprocess parameters for the production of valuable compounds via fermentation. They specialize in bioprocess development from lab- to production scale, scale-up, and model-driven strain and process optimization.

“With his incredible track record of success in both industrial and academic research, Dr. Ralf Takors is a very welcome addition to our Scientific Advisory Board,” commented Dr. Ajikumar Parayil, Co-Founder and Chief Technology Officer of Manus Bio. “His expertise and knowledge are highly complementary to our established approaches, and his contributions will help guide our efforts to successfully scale-up and commercialize our products.”

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