How We Do It

We have an Advanced Cell Factory Engineering and Precision Fermentation Platform

Our patented biomanufacturing platform is unparalleled in the industry.

Cell Factory Design and Engineering

We utilize data- and insight-driven design with a universal “chassis” to create customized cell factories that make a wide array of products. Our focus on quantitative cellular characterization, fundamental biochemical understanding, and machine learning allows us to turn cell factory design and engineering into a reproducible and predictable process.

Systems Level Thinking

We have end-to-end capabilities in product development, from pathway discovery and enzyme engineering to cell factory design and large-scale manufacturing. Our vertically integrated capabilities allow us to take a systems-level approach to solving complex biological problems.

Precision Fermentation – Modular and Scaled Technology

We have established a track record for success with scaled production of multiple products. We proudly operate a versatile and state-of-the-art biomanufacturing facility in Augusta, GA.

Our scale-up and manufacturing facility in Augusta, GA

What We Do

We use the Power of Nature to make Affordable and Sustainable Products.
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Our Story

Manus Bio was founded with the vision to disrupt traditional chemical manufacturing to grant sustainable and equitable access to Nature’s most precious products.
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