Our Services

We provide services across all stages of development to help address your technology and scale-up needs

Protein/Enzyme Engineering Services

Manus Bio’s MLEAP® computational protein design platform augmented with AI has engineered more than 40 distinct enzymes spanning 11 protein families, enabling the successful commercial production of several bio-based products

  • Discover, develop, and optimize enzymes for a wide spectrum of applications (e.g. therapeutics, pharmacological APIs, natural product synthesis, industrial enzymes)
  • Engineer and fine-tune protein/enzyme properties for diverse performance needs (e.g. catalytic activity, specificity, stability, immunogenicity, expression)
  • Improve functional protein expression and scale up protein production in our proprietary microbial hosts

Cell Factory Design and Engineering Services

Manus Bio’s industry-leading BioAssemblyLine™ platform enables the development and optimization of robust cell factories that perform at scale

  • Develop economical bio-based processes for a variety of complex natural products in proprietary microbial hosts
  • Discover and optimize novel biological routes to new-to-nature compounds

Biomanufacturing Services

Manus Bio’s experienced team and state-of-the-art piloting facility located in Augusta, Georgia allows scale-up demonstration and optimization of processes for diverse classes of biomolecules

  • Validate and optimize processes across relevant scales (300 L – 3800 L) for predicting large-scale performance
  • Develop early prototypes and samples to enable application and product testing

Our scale-up and manufacturing facility in Augusta, GA

What We Do

We use the Power of Nature to make Affordable and Sustainable Products.
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Our Story

Manus Bio was founded with the vision to disrupt traditional chemical manufacturing to grant sustainable and equitable access to Nature’s most precious products.
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