What We Do

We use the Power of Nature to make Affordable and Sustainable Products

Current manufacturing practices deplete and destroy our planet’s resources. We preserve and amplify nature by recreating natural processes using biotechnology.

We are Inspired by Plants…

as Nature’s most sophisticated chemist. We replicate their processes in smart cell factories to convert abundant and renewable raw materials into a variety of products.

We Preserve Nature…

by creating new manufacturing routes that are more efficient and scalable. This allows us to make more from less – supporting our growing population while preserving our planet.

We are Reimagining the Future…

with a biomanufacturing platform that can produce an array of products that were previously unattainable. Zero-calorie sweeteners that taste just like sugar, insect repellents that are safe enough to drink, drugs that save lives and prevent disease. And this is just the beginning.

Food and Beverage

Natural, sustainable, scalable and affordable ingredients.

Beauty and Wellness

Clean, natural ingredients that are sustainably sourced.

Consumer Products

High performing goods formulated for health and wellness.


Cost-effective bio-agrochemicals that work in harmony with nature.

Sustainable Materials

Novel, high performing biomaterials to replace traditional chemistry.

Pharma and Biotech

Novel therapeutics to improve human health.

How We Do It

We have an Advanced Cell Factory Engineering and Precision Fermentation Platform.
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Our Story

Manus Bio was founded with the vision to disrupt traditional chemical manufacturing to grant sustainable and equitable access to Nature’s most precious products.
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