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Bioalternatives are chemically identical replacements for conventional complex molecules used to create everyday products – but they are better performing and more sustainable.
Scientists at our BioFacility
in Boston, Massachusetts

Today, most complex molecules are extracted from plants, animals, or fossil fuels – with increasingly unstable supply and hugely negative environmental impacts.

Using synthetic biology (SynBio), we engineer living organisms as cell factories to replicate nature, creating cost-effective, reliable, and sustainable molecules for use in a wide range of everyday products.

These are bioalternatives.

And we are accelerating the transition across industries and value chains.


Just like Nature, Made by ManusTM

The chemical composition of the complex molecules made using our bioalternatives scale-up platform is identical to those found in nature.

have clear benefits:

More efficient, Made by Manus

Bioalternative cell factories are more productive and efficient compared to nature. This figure illustrates the improvement (more than 1000x) in the production of our bioalternatives.


Made by Manus

A BioAlternative to Citrus Oil

BioNootkatone helps stabilize supply while dramatically reducing resource intensity and improving sustainability.

Climate change and citrus greening are threatening citrus fruit supply worldwide.   

We worked with Givaudan, one of the world’s largest flavor and fragrance companies, to develop and scale up a bioalternative to nootkatone, one of the rare components found in citrus fruits.

With approximately 400,000 kg of fruit required to produce just 1 kg of nootkatone oil, the future of this popular ingredient hangs in the balance.  

BioNootkatone is the result of Givaudan’s analytical, flavor, and processing expertise combined with the successful application of our cell factory engineering platform, the BioOptimization Cycle™.

The process reduced the inputs and resources required to produce 1 kg of nootkatone oil to only a few kg of sugar, while taking a fraction of the time and energy. This makes our BioNootkatone products better performing and more sustainable alternatives to agricultural sourcing.

400K kg of input for 1 kg citrus oil from citrus fruit
<10 kg for 1 kg BioCitrus Made by Manus

Collaborating Across Industries to Develop BioAlternatives

We are enabling companies across industries to replace existing ingredients, materials, and chemicals with bioalternatives, helping boost supply chain resilience and reduce their environmental footprint.

01 — Ingredients

Elevating taste, texture, and functionality of diverse products across the global market.

02 — Flavors

Crafting tastes and aromas to enhance the culinary and sensory experiences of consumers worldwide.

03 — Fragrances

Blending aromatic notes to evoke emotions, memories, and a distinctive aura of personal expression.

04 — Materials

Transforming raw elements into solutions, shaping the foundation of modern infrastructure, technology, and everyday essentials.

05 — Industrial chemicals

Formulating the elemental compounds driving innovation across sectors, from cutting-edge technologies to essential products shaping modern living.

06 — Pharmaceuticals

Innovating and developing life-changing medications to enhance well-being and address global healthcare challenges.

07 — Agriculture

Optimizing growth, nourishment, and sustenance to improve harvests and contribute to the global food supply.

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