Accelerating the Transition
to BioAlternatives

Manufacturing many of today’s everyday products is resource intensive and comes with a heavy environmental cost.

We enable companies across industries to replace existing ingredients, materials, and chemicals with bioalternatives, increasing supply security while reducing environmental impacts.

What are BioAlternatives?

Bioalternatives are more sustainable versions of molecules traditionally sourced through environmentally harmful means, such as petrochemical or agricultural extraction, and animal husbandry.

The microbe and the microbial cell factory are at the core of our work – providing the engine of efficiency

Using synthetic biology, we can harness the power of engineered cell factories to produce bioalternatives cost-effectively, reliably, and sustainably – for use in a wide range of everyday products.

The benefits of BioAlternatives,
Made by Manus™

The World's
Leading BioAlternatives Scale-up Platform

Our proven scale-up platform spans the entire process, from cell factory design and engineering to biomanufacturing at scale. This allows companies to accelerate the adoption of bioalternatives and deliver them to market seamlessly.

Just like Nature,
Made by ManusTM


Multiple commercialized products demonstrate our ability to bridge the Valley of Death and deliver bioalternatives quickly and efficiently.

Some recent examples:
BioStevia – Better taste, more sustainable
BioNootkatone – Lower cost, more sustainable



With sophisticated cell factory engineering, advanced piloting, and large-scale capabilities, our BioFacilities ensure we can deliver the benefits of SynBio, no matter the scale-up or capacity challenge.

A Team of Experts,
Always on Hand


Our passionate multidisciplinary team of experts is always ready to help your company realize the benefits of bioalternatives – systematically and cost-efficiently.

Our scale-up platform delivers the benefits of synthetic biology, at manufacturing scale, today.

        Colleagues inspecting equipment
at our Augusta BioFacility               

Manus colleagues inspecting centrifuge vessels at our Augusta BioFacility

Scientist at our analytical lab in Augusta, Georgia

Manus colleagues inspecting centrifuge vessels at our Augusta BioFacility

at Every Step

Unique expertise goes into each step of the development and scale-up process. This enables us to accelerate the creation and optimization of cell factories to perform complex chemistries at scale.

Discover our proven
scale-up platform.

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