Tailored Programs
and Unique Services

Manus warehouse manager in our Augusta BioFacility
We offer speed-up and scale-up programs, tailored to the needs of your project, as well as stand-alone services for each step of the development process.

Our proven end-to-end scale-up platform connects the process steps - integrating discovery, cell factory design, enzyme optimization, and precision fermentation, simplifying and streamlining the development process.
Protein design using our computational
and AI-driven enzyme engineering tools

We have developed two programs designed to meet the needs of companies in two very different situations: Those who require an end-to-end solution, and those simply looking to expand their scale-up and biomanufacturing capacity.

Programs and services

Two Need Types.
Two Different Programs.

01 —
BioAccelerator Program

This program is proven to work across scales, bridging the Valley of Death efficiently and reliably. We provide state-of-the-art engineering approaches and tools to optimize and accelerate each step in the process.

BioManufacturing Program

This program makes bioalternatives at scale, enabling companies to expand their scale-up and production capacity using our state-of-the-art BioFacilities.

BioAccelerator Program GraphicBioAccelerator Program GraphicBioAccelerator Program Graphic

We use optimized “chassis” to craft custom cell factories, integrating novel enzymes and pathways for diverse products. Our expertise in metabolic and enzyme engineering, coupled with systems biology, ensures highly efficient manufacturing processes at scale.

In our BioAccelerator and BioManufacturing Programs, we provide flexible collaboration, adapting to partners’ needs, whether for end-to-end development or specific phases. Our seamless integration at any project stage offers valuable support and expertise for successful outcomes.

Stand-alone services
for each stage of development

Cell Factory Design

Using our proprietary product design and engineering and screening process, we create universal chassis that ensure easier scalability and significantly lower costs of development for new bioalternatives.

Cell Factory Engineering

Taking a unique approach to cell factory engineering, we discover and engineer metabolic pathways and enzymatic activity within a chassis host so efficiently that yields quickly reach required levels at scale.


Our state-of-the art BioFacilities have the proven precision fermentation capacity for scale-up and large-volume production.

Manus large-scale fermentation tank for large-value production

600K L fermentor at
our Augusta BioFacility

Operator working with a 40K L fermentor
at our Augusta BioFacility

Manus fermentation specialist carries out quality assurance for large-scale precision fermentation

Whatever your industry, we can help your company replace existing ingredients, materials, and chemicals with bioalternatives – to boost security in your supply and reduce your environmental impact.

Our platform successfully produces and scales complex molecules.

Multiple bioalternatives in the market have proven it. Just like nature, Made by Manus™.

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