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Manus Launches A Next-Generation Natural Zero-Calorie Sweetener In The US Under Its Iconic Brand NutraSweet Natural™

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12:00 p.m. EDT. April 15, 2021

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Frederik Bjoerndal, Vice President
Corporate Affairs and Marketing Communications


Manus, Inc. (Manus), a leading US manufacturer of sustainable natural ingredients, announced today the launch of NutraSweet Natural™, a plant-based sweetener with zero calories and 100% pure tasting sweetness to enjoy in daily life.

Manus is paving the way for next-generation calorie reduction with a unique green technology for sourcing nature’s sweetest ingredients while minimizing its environmental footprint.

Despite their initial appeal, traditional alternative sweeteners have typically been associated with an unpalatable aftertaste, making them an imperfect alternative to sugar. With this hurdle in mind, NutraSweet Natural™ was created by isolating only the sweetest, purest parts of the stevia leaf and incorporating them into a proprietary blend to create the taste of sugar without the calories. The result is a revolutionary natural sweetener with a clean “just-like-sugar” taste with none of the guilt or aftertaste of traditional alternative sweeteners.

“Consumers today are prioritizing health, wellness, and sustainability and are increasingly demanding better, tastier, and healthier options for the foods and ingredients that they consume. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, a staggering 49% of all Americans have tried to lose weight in the past year. We are proud to be able to offer a unique next-generation zero-calorie sweetener that allows us to indulge in sweetness while maintaining lifestyle goals,” said Brendan Naulty, President of Sweeteners & Natural Ingredients at Manus.

Heather Barbarino, VP of Marketing and Communications, added, “NutraSweet™ is an American brand that has delivered sweetness to consumers for decades. We are thrilled to re-introduce the brand with the launch of NutraSweet Natural™. It revolutionizes sweetness to offer consumers a healthy alternative with a natural great taste. As a critical part of NutraSweet Natural™, its unprecedented taste profile was designed with deep respect, empathy, and appreciation for nature. Simply put, we’re Keeping Nature Natural, NutraSweet Natural™ is both good for you and good for the planet.”

Be among the first to taste NutraSweet Natural™ sweetener with a 70-count box of sachets available for purchase at www.nutrasweetnatural.com.

About Manus
Manus leverages rapid advances in biology to produce complex natural ingredients used in our daily lives as flavors, fragrances, food ingredients, cosmetics, vitamins, pharmaceuticals, and agricultural products. Using its proprietary fermentation technology, Manus recreates advanced natural processes for next-generation biomanufacturing and provides sustainable and cost-effective sources of ingredients for health, wellness, and nutrition. To learn more, visit www.manusbio.com.

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